SBPDL – An Institution.

The popular blog Stuff Black People Don’t Like started as a joke. A response to the blog and book Stuff White People Like, which poked fun at White people, SBPDL poked gentle fun at black people. But you can’t do that. That’s Racist!

So the PC enforcers struck back, hard, and what had been a joke, a hobby, by necessity became a full-time occupation, and a crusade, and an institution. Paul Kersey has built an impressive body of work, and a loyal community of readers. In the process, he has coined several terms that have become standards wherever race is discussed: BRA, DWL, The Black Undertow, The Visible Black Hand of Economics are terms that you will find on many realist blogs. In addition, a sort of shorthand has grown among regular readers. Some of these expressions are self-explanatory, others puzzle new readers.

Some of the most commonly used acronyms are listed below. Please feel free to suggest additions and changes.

[Update: I haven’t listed all the terms that you might encounter on SBPDL. I’ve concentrated on the more obscure terms that are peculiar to SBPDL, or particularly common there. You ought to be able to figure out terms like porch monkey, negro fatigue, sheboon by yourself. For other acronyms and terms not listed here, try the Urban Dictionary.

This is intended to be a static resource, not a discussion forum. I don’t check here every day, or even every month, so your comment may take a long time to appear, but I’ll get to it eventually. I’ll leave all good-faith suggestions in the comments, so read them for extra enlightenment.]

ABRA. Actual Black Run America. Refers to American political entities where political power is held by blacks, e.g. Detroit, Atlanta.

Aybah poda hep. Ebonics for “Everybody’s supposed to help”.

BBB.  Blacks Behaving Badly.

BRA. Black Run America. The current American political model, where political power is used to benefit blacks, at the expense of the (mostly White) taxpayers.

Cephalopods. See Squids.

Compassionate Oregonian. Relax, it’s satire.

Crystal Methodism. The religion of equality, the crystal meth of religions.

DWL. Disingenuous White Liberal.

ECAR RAW.  Read the words backwards: Race war.

Gibsmedat. (Ebonics – “give me that”). The perennial demand for more handouts. The African begging bowl mentality, combined with an attitude of entitlement.

GNOME. Gratuitous Negro Obtruding to Mimic a European.  He’s the negro in every movie, book or comic strip who doesn’t belong there, playing a role that in real life (or the original book) is a White man.  The scientist, inventor, computer genius – even the Norse god – any role, in fact, other than thug, janitor or shoeshine boy.

IKAGO. I Know A Good One. The fallacy that not all blacks are the same, therefore black people are the same as Whites. Also, the KAGO Cult.

Muh Dik. Mating call, or rutting behavior, of the NAPA buck.

NAPA. North American Pavement Ape.

Paint theory; PJT.  The theory that black people are just White people with a different paint job.

POTA. Planet of the Apes.

Sail foam. Cell phone (Ebonics).

$aturday People. See TWMNBN.

SIBA, SIMBA. Sweet Innocent (Majestic) Black Angel.

Squids. Aka Vampire squids, cephalopods. The super rich people, many of them TWMNBN, estimated by some at no more than 300 families, who own the governments of most countries. The true power behind BRA. Bogolyubski explains

The term comes from Matt Taibbi’s article about the great Bankstein bailout from the Mortgage scam of 2008 – where not one of the major criminals involved even faced charges… Taibbi’s term itself is derived from the figure from a 1928 book by H.P. Lovecraft, Cthulhu.

SWPL. Stuff White People Like. From the blog, ridiculing the kind of White people who follow the trendy fashions that confer status in liberal circles. That kind of people.

TNB. Typical Negroid Behavior. Or something to that effect.

TWMNBN. Those Who Must Not Be Named. Jews. See also YKW, $aturday People. Euphemisms to avoid censorship of “anti-semitic” commentary by moderators.

YKW. You Know Who. See TWMNBN.

YT. Whitey (phonetic).


12 thoughts on “SBPDL – An Institution.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Others that may be used from time to time on SBPDL, but much more frequently on other blogs:

    Chicongo: Chicago
    Chiraq: Chicago

    CLM: Corrupt Liiberal Media
    CMM: Corrupt Marxist Media.

    Destroit: Detroit (Destroy-it)
    Detoilet: Detroit

    erace, e-race: To eliminate any mention of the race of a criminal or other misbehaving person or group. The CMM has an official policy of eracing all crime reporting.

    Jiggaboo: See “jungle bunny”
    Jungle bunny: See “NAPA”.

    NAPA: North American Pavement Ape, aka nog.

    Nog: Abbreviation of nig-nog, itself a euphemism for the obvious.

    Porch monkey: See “nog”.

    Shitcongo: Chicago

    Shitskin: Black person (often seen at Second City Cop blog)

    SPLC, aka $PLC (VDARE label): Southern Poverty Law Center, an anti-white propaganda mill run by YKW. Currently working harder to build an endowment to secure the paychecks of its employees than its putative mission, it long since ran out of actual Klansmen and real discrimination and started to attack generic conservatives. This over-reach got its wings trimmed slightly.

    Squatemalan: Guatemalan (see Squatmonster).

    Squatmonster: Stereotypically short, fat, ugly Central/South American indio or mestizo.

    Turd worlders: Third worlders

    yoot: Sarcastic/Ebonic take on the PC term “youth”, used by the media to e-race non-white miscreants (typically Black teenagers).

  2. Don’t forget SIMBA’s (Sweet Innocent Majestic Black Angels) whose grandmother comes out when a SIMBA shoots a Police Officer or a store owner and says:

    :”He’s a GOOD boy who was just turning his life around”

  3. Bad Mr. Frosty says:

    don’t forget SIBA (Sweet Innocent Black Angel) or SIMBA (Sweet Innocent Majestic Black Angel). These terms were created because Paul got in trouble for people typing nig**r too often.

  4. Thanks for the contributions, everybody. Sorry for the delayed response – I’m new at this.

    I’ll have to think about some of those. I’m not trying to reinvent the Urban Dictionary, and I don’t see any point in explaining the obvious. This is expressly for readers of SBPDL who are confused by the various acronyms we use there. I think, for example, that Chicongo and Detoilet are self-explanatory.

  5. Anonymous Shinonymous says:

    Don’t forget these gems:

    Buck (n): male porch monkey

    Gibsmedat (adj): derivative of the phrase “give me that”; used to describe the typical negro mentality that enables the species to seek out and obtain all available goods & services while bearing none of the financial burden for such (footnote: it is common practice for these goods & services to be provided for through involuntary contributions from a gainfully employed YT)

    Muh dikkin (v): the act of a buck pursuing sexual gratification by any and all means necessary

    Negress (n): female porch monkey; aka sheboon or sow

    Pickaninny (n): prepubescent offspring from a mated pair of porch monkeys. Common traits, which are most frequently seen on display in grocery stores, restaurants, and school buses include obnoxious behavior, excessive excitability, rudimentary communication skills, and marked destructiveness

    Sheboon (n): see negress

  6. ShitCongo: Chicago Illinois, the murder capitol of America.
    India-no-place : Indianapolis Indiana, formerly shining city on the plains, a testament to white ingenuity.
    A.T.Hell. : Atlanta Georgia, a once great white city, Sherman burned it to the ground and it was reconstructed as a model for BRA.
    Bloodymore MurderLand : Baltimore Maryland, see “The Wire.”
    Camden : Camden, a plot of land that used to be located in New Jersey, now part of a diverse latin american country.
    Killington Hellaware: Wilmington Delaware, the small city per capita murder capitol.

  7. Observer says:

    Don’t forget: Dindu Nuffins

    World War “N”
    Ghetto Grazing
    Niggression to the Mean
    Section Ape
    Random Acts of Blackness

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